American saved money at Hungarian dentist

This is Robert’s story about how he saved a lot of money on dental treatment at KG Dental in Hungary. Robert is originally from the United States, but has lived in Denmark the last 20 years.

"The 19th October 2004, I went to Mosonmagyarovar in Hungary to have my teeth fixed. The dental clinic had arranged a driver to pick me up in Vienna Airport – and the whole treatment was worth the travel."


First class equipment

"I am familiar with both the American and the Danish dental system, and I must say that, in many aspects, the treatment at KG Dental is better and more advanced than in America and Denmark.


The equipment is first class, and I noticed a sterilisation device for dental tools. During the treatment, both dentist and assistant changed their protective gloves several times and both were wearing masks. I believe my dentist, Dr. Zoltián Veress, is highly competent. I felt perfectly safe the whole time – and I suffer from severe dental anxiety.
The clinic is located in the city, it is nice and clean, and the staff is very pleasant and helpful: the receptionist even retrieved magazines in English just for me."

Huge savings

"In all, I had 4 crowns, a composite restoration, a post in my front tooth and a composite filling. Total price for the treatment including a scaling: approximately 1,000 Euro. When taking my other expenses into account, the price for the whole package is AirFare: €293, accommodation 7 nights: €93, food/extras: €160 – total expenses including treatment: €1,546
In Denmark, this treatment would have set me back at least €2,660, so I have saved more than €1,100. All in all, it was a valuable and almost painless experience."

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American saved money at Hungarian dentist

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