Many years ago people had to visit the local blacksmith and ask him to extract a bad tooth with a huge thong. Fortunately, it's not like that anymore! A contemporary extraction at the dental clinic can be done smoothly and quickly, but it some cases it can be complicated. If the troubled tooth is well fastened to the jawbone  it can be complicated to extract the tooth. The simple extractions are done by the dentist himself, but the more complicated extractions will be assisted by a surgeon.

Who can benefit from having an extraction?

There are many reasons why an extraction of one or more teeth can be necessary. Here are some of the most common reasons listed:

Not enough space for the tooth

This often applies for teeth of wisdom, which are located in the back of the mouth. The human jaw has over time become smaller and is causing less space for the wisdom tooth. For some people the emergence of the wisdom teeth are causing trouble, because there are no room for them.

Severe caries

If the tooth is heavily attacked by caries, it is not always possible to save the tooth with fillings or a crown. If the rooth of the tooth is already attacked by caries, an extraction of the tooth is the better solution in order to avoid further damage to the gum, tissue and bone.

Teeth are loosened by parondontal disease

It is possible to stop parondontal disease in time, but if a tooth has loosened, it is necessary to pull it out. When the tooth is gone, it is possible to clean the area and let the bone heal proberly in order to start a new treatment - for instance putting in an implant or a crown.

Tooth is broken and cannot be saved

If an accident has caused one or more teeth to break, the tooth can be damaged in a way it is no longer possible to save the tooth.

Extraction of a tooth abroad

Extraction is often the first thing done before having implants, so most dentists at OuchMyTooth are able to extract teeth. If you are having teeth extracted in order to have implants later, it is a good idea to have the extraction done well in advance, in order to let the jaw heal before starting a new treatment. The extraction can be done by your own dentist, while the implants can be put in by a dentist abroad.

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