Is a bridge treatment painful and uncomfortable?

Immediately after the treatment, there may be some tensions in the affected teeth. It should be possible to relieve these tensions by ordinary pain relievers. Remember always to read and follow the instructions on medicaments. If the pain persists and gets worse, it may be an indication of inflammation in the teeth. In such case, it is necessary to contact the dentist.


Root treatment may be necessary

When the dentist grinds the anchor teeth, he or she may accidentally touch some of the soft tissue within the tooth. Thin extensions from the pulp are not always visible on the x-ray, and the length of the pulp varies from patient to patient. If the dentist can see that a root treatment may be necessary, he or she will take appropriate action. However, in 5-10% of the cases, the need for a root treatment will arise after a period of time. This is not the dentist’s fault.

Why not just make the root treatment?

If the dentist made root treatments on all teeth before attaching bridges, it would be possible to avoid potential inflammation. However, in most cases, it is not necessary to make a root treatment, and it is better not to kill the nerves and tissue within the tooth. Even though a fully grown tooth does not need the nerves and tissue, a root treated tooth is not as strong as a living tooth.

My teeth shiver – is it normal?

A tooth will often become more sensitive after having a bridge attached. The shivering sensation will often be felt where the artificial tooth ends near the gum line. This is a harmless, but annoying side effect, which can be reduced by using certain types of toothpaste.

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Is a bridge treatment painful and uncomfortable?

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