Lillian is looking forward to her next trip

Lillian used to be terrified, when she had to see her dentist for a checkup. Then she met the Hungarian dentist Rita Horács. Now Lillian is looking forward to her next trip!

Lillian was terrified when she had to see her dentist for a checkup. She had a tooth extracted two years ago, and didn't feel like going back! She was surposed to have an implant back then, but she rejected the plan when her own dentist wanted 2000 € for the implant.

Wanted a calm dentist

By March this year, Lillian was ready to do something good for herself. OuchMyTooth helped Lillian to get in touch with the dental clinic KG Dental in Mosonmagyarovar. She knew, she needed at least one implant, extractions of the wisdom teeth and some fillings. Furthermore Lillian wanted to have her irregular teeth corrected. Lillian wanted a very calm dentist: "Because of my fear of dentists, I needed a dentist with a calm personality who had the needed time for me." The dentist Rita Horács was like that.

Major treatment

Lillian took a flight to Vienna Airport, where the dental clinic had arranged for her to be picked up. They took her for a one-hour drive to her hotel in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary. The next day she went to her first examination at the dental clinic. Dentist Rita Horács did an 3D-X-ray in order to determine the exact treatment. Rita and Lillian agreed on extractions of the wisdom teeth and three more teeth, 12 crowns (7 of these of cosmetic reasons) in the upper jaw and 4 crowns in the lower jaw. All this couldn't be done in only one trip, so Lillian agreed on taking a second trip two months later.

Pure pleasure

The following days were more pleasure than pain. One hour a day was spent in the dental chair - the rest of the day was pure pleasure. Lillian had time to visit the thermal baths, to have massage and enjoy the food of the inexpensive restaurants. Lillians fear of dentists are gone - she is looking forward to her next trip, where the treatment will be completed. Next time she will bring her brother in law to have his teeth done, too.


Inexpensive treatment - inexpensive stay in Hungary

Lillian had to pay 2000 € for one implant at her own dentist. In Hungary Lillian gets a whole new set of teeth including 16 crowns and several extractions for the price of 3750 €. Expenses for the stay are additional, but Hungary has very low prices for everything. Lillian was able to invite two guests for a three course meal at a restaurant for only 18 €.

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Lillian is looking forward to her next trip

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