Lisbeth lost her fear of dentists

OuchMyTooth received a letter from Lisbeth, who lost her fear of dentists in Poland. She writes: "To everybody who is considering going to the dentist in Poland: Do it! It is the best thing I did for my self in 12 years"

Lisbeth had her fear of dentists as a child. She says: "I am so afraid that you wouldn't believe it. I start to cry when just speaking to a dentist over the phone. I am terribly afraid!"
Despite her fear Lisbeth decided to contact OuchMyTooth. Else from OuchMyTooth helped Lisbeth to choose a dentist, book an appointment and arrange the travel and accommodation during her stay in Stettin, Poland. Else also informed Lisbeth of what was going to happen when she arrived at the dentists clinic.
Lisbeth writes about her trip:

Inflammation in the jaw:

"When I arrived at the clinic, I had a panoramic X-ray. I was sent to dentist Dr. Anna Margol. I took a taxi to her clinic, which cost me around 1.5 €. I told Anna, that I had a severe tooth ache and I was hoping that she had time to take a look at it. Of course she had.
And old tooth (post) had caused inflammation in my jaw. Anna told me, that no matter how much anesthesia she was going to give me, I would still be able to feel something when she had to extract the tooth. She did it so fast, that it actually didn't feel so bad. Then she gav me a prescription for antibiotics and some painkillers.

No hurry

Every day I sat in the dentists chair between 3 and 6 hours - and there is no hurry or stress. If you need a break, that is fine. The dentist and the staff really listens to you.
I knew my treatment was going to be comprehensive. I was told a price of around 1300€. That price included repairs of 14 teeth: Fillings, root canal treatments, extractions, a temporary bridge and a whitening. I always had boring yellow teeth, but now I smile happily!


A Million Dollar Smile

I spoke to a man, who also was a patient at the same clinic. We met at the hotel the day I finished my treatment. He said, that my smile was "A Million Dollar Smile". I am so pleased with the treatment that I almost can't describe it. Now I am back home and is waiting for my next trip to Poland."

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