Looking for affordable dentistry?

Are you avoiding the dentist due to high prices on treatment? Did you know that dentistry can be reasonably priced, if only you know where to go? OuchMyTooth can help you.

Save money

By going abroad, you can make significant savings on the cost of expensive dental treatment such as crowns, bridges or implants. And yes, the saving


higher than the travel expenses if the costs of your treatment exceed 600 EURO.

Dentist and holiday

OuchMyTooth provides the contact information for 10 dental clinics throughout Europe. More will follow. Dental treatment in France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Turkey or Poland is cheaper than in countries like Denmark, UK, Ireland, Norway and Belgium. These countries do not only offer cheap dental treatment, they are also popular holiday destinations. In this way, you can combine a relaxing break from the daily life with a visit to one of the dental clinics.

All dentists are approved

For your comfort and security, all dentists have been approved by OuchMyTooth. Assistants and dentists speak English and have a high level of services.


Any questions? You may be able to find the answer to your question in the FAQ. Otherwise, please contact us.

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Looking for affordable dentistry?
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Looking for affordable dentistry?

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