Maintenance and alternative treatment


Though complications are rare, it is important to take good care of the new teeth. As natural teeth, artificial teeth require daily maintenance. The risk of inflammation is reduced if the dentist's instructions are followed. It is recommended to use a special dental floss for cleansing implants. Find it at the pharmacy.
Smoking slows down the healing process and many oral surgeons advice their patients not to smoke in the days after the treatment. Quitting the habit is of course the best thing to do.

Alternative treatment

Implants with crowns are the popular solution. The alternative to having implants is to do nothing about the situation. If a missing tooth is not replaced, the surrounding teeth will slowly move towards the empty space, causing an inaccurate bite.
A bridge can replace one or more teeth, but it may be necessary to polish the surrounding teeth in order to fasten the bridge properly. This is not the best solution if these teeth are healthy.
If the patient is missing several teeth, an alternative solution to implants with crowns can be to remove the remaining teeth and make a full denture. This procedure must be made while the jaw bone is still suitable for attaching the dentures. However, dentures are becoming increasingly unpopular, as they are uncomfortable and need regular adjustments.

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