Mona got a new smile

Mona was very nervous when she first entered the door at the dental clinic of Cezary Turostowski in Poland. But she didn't stay nervous for long - Cezary convinced her, that there was nothing to be nervous about. For the first time Mona had new fillings without anasthesia and without pain!

The photo shows Mona after her treatment between Dr. Cezary Turostowski to the left and Dr. Grzegorz Trybek at the right.
Mona has suffered from asthma for the last five years. This condition can affect the enamel of the teeth and cause higher risk of caries. The prices of Danish dentistry kept Mona from seeing a dentist in her own country. She decided to visit Cezary in Poland.

No anaesthesia - no pain

Mona had 7 new fillings - without anaesthesia - without any pain: "It was my own decision, that I didn't want anaesthesia. The dentist promised me, that I wouldn't feel any pain - and it was true. I used to panic, when the dentist had to drill!"

Veneers to envy

After the painless first visit - Mona had the courage to have veneers put on her front teeth. Veneers can be put on the natural teeth to cover for crooked or broken teeth. Mona says:
"The veneers are SUPER - I am very satisfied with them. It is amazing what expertice is shown at the clinic of Cezary Turostowski. I am very impressed and everybody is asking me: "Where have you had that done? It looks so great!" "

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Mona got a new smile

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