More about amalgam removal

The treatment


1. The amalgam fillings are removed

The dentist will sedate the tooth and the surrounding area, if needed. The amalgam filling is removed. Some dentists use a "kofferdam", which is a small rubber collar that is pulled over the tooth in order to prevent dust from falling into the mouth during treatment.

2. The cavity is refilled

When the old filling is removed, the dentist will grind a bit more of the natural tooth. This happens to make sure, that all the damaged material is removed, before the tooth is refilled with another material such as plastic or porcelain.

3. Adjustment

When the cavity is refilled and the material has hardened, the dentist will grind the tooth into the right shape in order to make the new filling fit the surrounding teeth perfectly.

Is the treatment painful?

The pains by having an amalgam sanitation are less than having a regular filling. Normally there are no pains after the treatment.

How to take care of the new filling?

Fillings of plastic or porcelain change colour over time. Natural teeth change colour, too. Ordinary care and hygiene slows down this proces. Fillings of plastic are still not as durable as fillings of metal, and has to be changed after 5-10 years.

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More about amalgam removal

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