More about bleaching

The treatment

There are different ways to bleach the teeth. The various methods are based on different remedies such as chemical gel, acid, polish or laser. The active substance is hydrogenperoxide which can be found in the different solutions in various concentration.
A gradual bleach can be the better solution, because it doesn't leave you with a sudden an unnatural change of colour to your teeth.

Bleaching with braces

It is possible to bleach you teeth at home, but the dentist has to make braces individually fitted for the purpose. The brace has to fit exactly to the teeth they are bleaching in order to use the correct amount of bleaching gel. Surplus gel pressed against the gum has to be removed.
The brace has to be worn for about an hour every time you wear it.  Some dentists recommend the patients to use the brace every night for two-three weeks. Please remember to see your dentist for a check-up after the treatment.

Quick bleach

Bleaching can also take place at the dental clinic. The dentist will apply some gel to the teeth and activate the crystals of the gel by UV-light. Most treatments are done during one hour.


Bleaching at home

Several websites sell bleaching to try at home. We recommend to see your dentist first to make sure your teeth are free of caries. Sometimes home-bleaching require you to make your own braces out of an enclosed kit. If the braces don't fit perfectly, there is a great risk of the bleaching to turn out uneven, surplus gel to get in touch with the gum or to swallow some of the gel.

Is it painful to have the teeth bleached?

The gum might react to the bleaching gel. If this is not an allergic reaction the soreness will disappear quickly. Some people will discover that the teeth get more sensitive toward changing temperatures.

How to take care of bleached teeth

The teeth have to be cleaned as before, which means brushing twice a day and regular use of dental floss. In time the teeth will start to get darker again, but experience show that patients having their teeth bleached are still happy with the result seven years after the treatment.

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