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The treatment:

Several veneers can be done in the same treatment. The treatment can be done in one or two visits at the dental clinic. A dental technician is going to make the veneers before the dentist is able to attach the veneers to the teeth.

1. The tooth has to be grinded into shape

If the patient requires it, the dentist will sedate the tooth and the area around it before the treatment begins. The dentist is going to grind off a layer of the front of the tooth. After that, the dentist will take an impression of the tooth and send it to the dental technician, who will make a veneer that fits perfectly to the tooth.

2. Adjusting the veneer

When the dental technician has made the veneer, it has to be attached to the natural tooth. The dentist will place the veneer on the tooth and make sure, that it fits perfectly. It might be necessary to grind a little.

3. The veneer is put on

After adjustment, the dentist will put on some cement in order to glue the veneer on the tooth. To make the cement dry up quickly, the dentist use UV-light, which penetrates the veneer. When the cement is dry, the dentist will have to polish the surplus cement away.

Is the treatment painful?

The veneer is always put on an existing tooth, and the grinding of the tooth is only taking place on the outside of the tooth, which normally is painless. There might be a little soreness in the gums after the treatment. Some patients will furthermore experience increasing sensitivity towards changing temperatures.



Veneers are made of porcelain, which has the same glass-like appearance as a natural tooth. The porcelain is slightly transparent, which makes the colour of the tooth and the cement shine through the veneer. This makes the tooth look very natural.

How to take care of veneers

Veneers require the same treatment as natural teeth. Especially the edge between the veneer and the gum has to be kept very clean. It is a good idea to avoid biting in hard materials like nails, bags or ice, in order to protect the veneer from breaking of the tooth. If you grind your teeth at night, the dentist can ask you to wear a brace at night to protect the teeth.
With the proper care, veneers last for up to ten years .

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More about veneers

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