Orthodontic treatment

If you have irregular teeth you might want orthodontics, which is the proper name for having your teeth straightened. Previously orthodontics were only offered to children, but now it is also offerede to adults, even though the results take longer time to show. The treatment takes place at a orthodontist, who you will have to visit several times during the treatment.


An alternative to cosmetic treatment

If the problem has cosmetic reasons only, there are quicker methods of straightening the teeth. Smaller irregularities in the front teeth can be hidden by inserting veneers. Larger irregularities can be changed by grinding the tooth into shape so a crown can be put on. These quick treatments are often used in reality TV-shows like "The Swan" and "Extreme Makeover".
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Who can benefit from orthodontic treatment ?

Almost nobody has been given perfect straight teeth by nature. Small irregularities here and there can be charming and is part of giving character to a person. If the irregularities is causing too much trouble it might be a good idea to have your teeth corrected. There are three typical reasons to make orthodontics. It can benefit persons who has:

Ugly teeth with a normal bite

The teeth are irregular but the bite works fine. If the irregularity bothers the patient of cosmetic reasons it might be an idea to get orthodontics.

Normal teeth, with a troubled bite

The teeth look fine, but an irregular bite has caused damage to the teeth. This is often caused by a severe overbite or an underhung jaw. The position of the teeth can cause headaches og osteoarthritis in the jaw.

Ugly teeth with a troubled bite

In some cases the teeth are so irregular that it effects both the appearance and the function of the teeth. In these cases, combined cosmetic and functional orthodontic is needed.


Orthodontic treatments abroad

Despite the choice of method, the brace has to be adjusted regularly. This requires several times during the treatment which can make abroad treatment expensive due to travel expenses. This is the reason why OuchMyTooth doesn't offer orthodontic treatments.

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