The treatment and materials used

The treatment

The implant treatment will differ slightly according to the patient's dental situation. The following steps will guide you through the typical progress of an implant treatment.

Examination and Planning

The dentist will start by assessing whether the bone in the jaw is suitable for attaching the implants. In order to see both upper and lower jaw at the same time, the dentist will take a panoramic x-ray picture. If there is insufficient bone, the jaw can be rebuilt by transplanting artificial bone material.


Inserting the Implants

The implants are inserted surgical under local anaesthesia. The dentist will make a hole in the jaw and screw the implants into the bone. Some implants will stick up from the gum; others are hidden under the gum. An abutment is fastened to the implant. The abutment will form the basis for the new tooth.

Fastening the Artificial Teeth

When the implants are inserted, the bone needs to rest for 3-8 months. The lower jaw heals faster than the upper jaw. When the jaw is healed up, the dentist will attach the permanent crown or bridge onto the implant. This can be done either by screwing the crown or bridge onto the implant or by using a special cement to fasten them.



The implants are made as partially hollow titan screws. The shape varies according to brand. World wide, more than 100 brands exist, and different dentists prefer different brands. Some of the most used brands in Europe are: Brånemark, Bonefil, 3i, Lifecore, Zimmer, Strauman, Friadent, Astra, Camlog and Cresco TI.
Dental crowns and bridges are made in many different materials and colours. Which material is the better solution depends on which tooth/teeth the crown or bridge is replacing.

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The treatment and materials used

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