The treatment and materials used

Posts can be inserted both into newly root treated teeth and into teeth that have been filled with rubber paste years ago. The treatment will be a bit different as old material will have to be removed from the root before inserting the post.
Files are used to remove the pulp from within the tooth The post is inserted into the root of the tooth. Finally, the crown is attached to the top of the post.

The post is inserted

In order to insert the post, the dentist will have to start by removing old material from previous root treatment. Then the dentist will refill the root – this time with a type of cement that holds the post in place. A core of cement will be formed on top of the post. This core forms the basis for the crown.

The crown is attached

The metal post is now surrounded by cement, and the dentist can make an impression of the core and the adjacent teeth. The impression is sent to a dental technician, who will use the model to make a crown. Back in the dentist chair, the crown is attached to the core in the patient’s mouth. Before cementing the crown into place, the dentist makes sure it fits perfectly with the other teeth. It may be necessary to grind a bit. You can read more about crowns (materials and maintenance) elsewhere on these pages.

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The treatment and materials used

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