The treatment and materials used

The dentist will start by examining whether the tooth is dead by using low current. If the patient does not feel anything, the nerve is dead, and the root treatment can be performed without anaesthesia. If the nerve is still living, the tooth and the surrounding area will be applied a local anaesthetic.

Drilling the hole

Using the drill, the dentist will make access to the pulp in order to remove the dead or inflamed tissue. On the front teeth, the hole is made on the backside of the tooth, and on the molars, it is made on the masticating surface.

Removal of the insides

The tissue within the tooth is removed by using rasps in different sizes. The cavity is cleansed once in a while in order to get rid of loosened material. A root often has many smaller branches and thin extensions, which can make this process time consuming. Once the tissue has been removed, the tooth is disinfected to prevent inflammation from reoccurring. The cavity is then filled with a rubber paste and the hole in the tooth is sealed.


The rubber paste is a special type of rubber called gutta-percha. The material comes in small sticks of different length and thickness. Once the sticks are heated, they amalgamate and fill out the empty space within the tooth. Finally, the hole is sealed off using the same material as for fillings.

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