Who can profit by having a crown?

Dental crowns are recommendable in several instances:

A. Rebuilding the original shape of the tooth

Often, it is possible to prolong the life of a broken tooth by attaching a crown to the remaining fragment. Over the years, teeth are worn down by chewing. This process will speed up if people grind their teeth at night. The result is a changed bite, which can lead to headache and painful jaw joints.

B. Reinforcement of a tooth

If a tooth is root treated or a significant part of a tooth has been replaced by fillings, the risk of tooth rupture can be high. In such cases, the dentist will recommend having a crown to reinforce the natural tooth.

C. Improving the cosmetic appearance of the tooth

Because a dental crown covers the visible part of the tooth, it can also whiten the tooth. People who are bothered by crooked teeth can have crowns attached in order to gain a more flattening smile without using braces. However, if the teeth are healthy, it can be better to bleach the teeth or attach ventures in stead of crowns. The reason is that grinding healthy teeth will always weaken them.  

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Who can profit by having a crown?

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