Is crown treatment painful and uncomfortable?

After the treatment, there can be some soreness in the tooth. The pain should be relievable by taking normal painkillers. Remember always to read and follow the inscription. If the pains persist, the tooth may be inflamed and you will have to contact the dentist.

Root treatment may be necessary

When grinding the tooth for dental crown, the dentist may accidentally touch a part of the soft tissue (the pulp) within the tooth. There may be thin extensions, which are invisible on the x-ray. Moreover, the length of the pulp differs from person to person. This is why 5-10% of all crown treated teeth will have to be root treated as well. This is not necessarily the dentist’s fault.

Why not treat the tooth to begin with?

If the dentist performed root treatment on teeth before placing the crown, potential inflammation would most likely be avoided. However, in 90-95% of the cases, it would be unnecessary, and it is better for the tooth to have a root. A root treated tooth is not as strong as a living tooth.


My tooth shivers after a crown treatment – is that normal?

A tooth is more sensitive to temperature after having a crown attached. Often the shivering will occur where the crown meets the gum. It can be annoying, but it is harmless. Certain toothpastes can reduce the sensitivity.

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Is crown treatment painful and uncomfortable?

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