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Kjeld Sørensen, Denmark 
Date: 12-08-2005 10:28:01
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Translated from Danish
Following 12 tough days in Budapest, I would like to express my satisfaction here.

I was a bit sceptical before going to Budapest to have my teeth renovated, but my scepsism was unfounded, everything went very well.

After a panoramic xray and a conversation about my treatment, we agreed to begin. My first day in the chair took 4.5 hour and my mouth was ready for 7 new crowns. The same happened the following days. At one point, they had to remove two front teeth - an unexpected treatment, which meant I would have to come back later when the jaw was healed. I asked if I could stay another week to finish the treatment - the dentist agreed and booked appointments for me the next week.

A tough experience with 20 crowns, 4 renovated teeth, extraction of 4 teeth, and whitening of front teeth in 12 days.The price: 5500EURO. Beautyful job performed professionally.

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Recommendations | Dental travel | Dentist Endre Lantos
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