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In Phuket, the popular holiday destination, in Thailand you will find Bangkok Hospital.  This is one of the biggest hospitals with a big dental department.  Here are many dentist who all speak english.  A team of dentists with many specialities are available to treat.
Enjoy relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world between treatments.  Phuket is alive 24 hours a day with the munks taking to the streets in the early morning, restuant owners buying the ingredients for the day at the market and a lively night life.  With great shopping, noodle bars, trendy restaunts, massage parlours and cultural attractions you have pleanty of activities to choose from.  Simply something to suit every budget.
Upon filling in your contact details Ulla Paluch OuchMyTooths patient representative will contact you.  She can make the necessary arrangements for you with the Dentist.  She can also advise you on treatment and provide travel advice.

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