Dentists in Hungary

In Hungary, we have dental clinics in three different places:

Budapest , the capital of Hungary, has many attractions you can visit when you are not in the dental chair. Budapest is also famous for its many thermal spas in which you can relax before and/or after the treatment. The dental clinic of Endre Lantos is placed close to one of the largest thermal spas in Budapest.

The world's largest density of dentists (or one of them) is found in Movar (short for Mosonmagyarovar). The reason must be found in  the fact that many people from Austria visit Movar for their dental appointments. Movar is located 35 km from Bratislava and it only takes one hour to go there by car from Vienna. The KG Dental Clinic arranges free transport from Vienna directly to the clinic in Movar.

The Balaton Lake is a popular place to spend your vacation. No matter which side of the lake you prefer, it is easy to go to Hévítz, which is famous for its relaxing thermal spas. 

City Dentist Description
Budapest Endre Lantos Dr. Lantos runs four clinics in Budapest. Implant with a crown: 940 Euros.
Hévíz / Balaton KG Dental Hévíz / Balaton Located near the Balaton Lake
Mosonmagyarovar KG Dental Mosonmagyarovar Large clinic, only 90km from Vienna
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