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Prodent dental Lab

Date: 31-3-2014
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Dear valued clients,
Are you bored with your current outsourcing dental lab for its continuous remake cases? Are you satisfied with your current turnaround time, after-sale service and warranty policy, etc? Have you ever considered trying another lab? Now, Prodent Dental Lab is your ideal choice. Prodent is ready at all times to be your reliable partner. However,We won’t break your existing partnership, but if you want to find a second or backup outsourcing in future, we hope you can take Prodent into account. Hope the following advantages can eliminate your concerns:
1. Location Advantage: Prodent locates in Shenzhen, China. It takes only 20 minutes to reach the airport. The geographic advantage guarantees the fast turnaround time.
2. Price Advantage: Your customer can enjoy high quality dental works which is on a par with the German dental works, but the price is obviously lower than the overseas products.
3. Technology Advantage: Prodent was originally founded by German techinician, and its fabrication and quality control standards are strictly in compliance with the German standards. Thus we can promise long time warranty.
4. Certification Guarantee: We only use CE certificated material. We can export to most countries all over the world with our CE, TUV and FDA certificates.
To make the first mail simple, you can view all the relative information on our website, and the price list, payment and shipment guideline, specific turnaround time, alloy type and composition will be sent to you later on if you are indeed interested in our lab and products.
I'm looking forward to receiving your early reply. Any inconvenience for this mail, pls forgive.

Best Regards,
Tel:+86-755-29604520 Fax:+86-755-29604525
Email: prodentdentallab@hotmail.com
Skype: amanda430821

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Date: 27-1-2006
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greetings all. I am in need of two implants and three crowns to replace three front teeth. Does any one have experience with dentists who specialize in this type of work?

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dentistry in cyprus

Date: 4-10-2005
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Anybody travelled to cyprus to have their teeth fixed/cleaned?
How did they rate the service ? and holiday

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cost of crown in Spain

Date: 30-9-2005
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Has anybody an idea of the cost of dental treatment in Spain? I'm am looking to have a crown fitted and wondered if its cheaper or more expensive than the UK

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Cheaper than private care

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